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Welcome to Refabrica – where innovation meets sustainability. We are on a mission to reshape construction practices with revolutionary insulation panels crafted from textile waste. Our vision is to revolutionize the building industry with eco-friendly solutions, reducing waste, conserving resources, and creating a greener, brighter tomorrow. 

Join us as we redefine sustainability, leaving an enduring mark on the world we construct. 

Zeina Nasser, Founder

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From Waste to Wealth. Crafting a Greener Future

The world faces an alarming crisis with the staggering amount of textile waste generated each year. From discarded clothing to manufacturing scraps, textiles contribute significantly to overflowing landfills and environmental degradation. This waste poses a serious threat to our ecosystems, consuming valuable resources and releasing harmful pollutants into the air, soil, and waterways.

Of Textile Waste Every Year
0 M Tons
By End Of This Decade
0 M Tons
Of Clothes Dumped Every Second
= 1 Truck
Global Carbon Emissions
~ 0 %
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The Power of Refabrica's Environmentally-Conscious Solution

500 tons Reduction in waste annually

Environmental Preservation

By transforming textile waste into insulation panels, we divert over 500 tons of waste from landfills annually, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

green Evolution
30% Reduction in energy consumption

Energy Efficiency

Our recycled textile insulation panels can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by up to 30%, leading to substantial savings on utility bills.

Eco Revival
50% Reduction in carbon emissions

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Repurposing textile waste for insulation results in up to 50% fewer carbon emissions compared to traditional insulation materials, actively mitigating climate change impacts.

Sustainable living

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